Blemish Buster all natural face wash

Blemish Buster all natural face wash


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Our face wash contains tea tree oil to kill bacteria, active charcoal to deep clean and French green clay to tighten pores this is sure to control outbreaks and give you beautiful skin. It is a best seller at farmer's markets. Those who use it tell us they see results immediately. My children love it. My son who struggles with acne has seen marked improvement.

Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, lard, wheat germ oil, tea tree oil, French green clay, and active charcoal.

Each bar is made with all natural ingredients. Many of the herbs and plant based ingredients used in my soaps are grown organically in my garden. No artificial colors or fragrances are used.

Due to the homemade nature each bar will differ slightly from picture as well as in size and weight. (approximately 4 oz)

Hand cut and cured for 4+ weeks for a mild long lasting bar. Please note that letting bar air dry between uses will prolong it's life

We have tried so many things for my daughters acne who is 14 and did not get much results until we bought this. It has only been 2 weeks and her acne is almost totally gone. She had pretty severe acne also so that is a huge change.

I have super sensitive skin and get severe cystic acne if I am not careful with what I use on my face. I had a previous woman I bought homemade soap from for almost 3 years. And then she stopped selling small orders and only wholesale. Naturally I panicked. But I found this blemish bar. I have been using for about 2 months I think? Morning and night and it has kept my skin clear! Love love love it!