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Student Gallery

I love to teach and create!  Seeing what my students have created is a great joy.  Here are a few of their creations.  If you have made a quilt from one of my classes or patterns, I'd love to see it, and with your permission share it here.

Sue's Tie dyed Sheep

Laura's Naughty Garden quilt

Angela's Yarn Bomb Trees quilt

Jean's Bear Scarps Quilt

Zona's Dahlia Quilt

Dazzled quilt from Ogden quilt guild class

Scrappy Dresden quilts from Bryce Winter Retreat class

Scrappy Dresden quilt from Bryce Winter Retreat Class

Mary's Twinkle quilt

Pam's sheep and words from a Tie Dyed Sheep class

Lee's Enchanted Forest Quilt

Susan's Scrappy Dresden Quilt

Sue's Yarn Bomb Trees Quilt

Judy's Dahlia Quilt

Ruthie's Bear Scrap Quilt

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