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There are no mistakes only opportunities for growth and change

My creative journey has not been something I really planned. My first pattern came about when I did the math wrong on a charity quilt I was making. When I showed it to the owner of a local quilt shop I sewed displays for she asked me to make it into a pattern.  From there my pattern company grew. I've been blessed with opportunities to share my designs in many ways. I enjoy teaching everything from technique and style, managing scraps and using them, and learning how to relax and enjoy your quilting journey.  Feel free to contact me to set up classes and/or trunk shows. I'd love to share my methods and quilts with you.  Shops and guilds can buy my patterns wholesale through Checker, United Notions, and Quiltwoman. If you can't find what you are looking for at these sites contact me.  I'll be more than happy to help you out.
My soap making has had a similar path. I received my first bar of homemade soap as a gift. Because my birthday and Christmas are pretty evenly spaced I was kept in good supply until my children discovered my supply. Not wanting to run out I learned how to make it myself. This kept me, my family, and good friends with soft, happy skin. After some persuasion I finally started selling it. I'm thrilled to help other enjoy great skin with a blend of skin loving oils, botanicals and  clay for coloring and essential oils to give a refreshing sent.

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