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Quilty Hugs

In addition to patterns, classes and tutorials I am actively involved in making, collecting, and distributing quilts to those who battle cancer.  Part of every sale goes to buy supplies for this cause.  Quilty Hugs are distributed through The Rack Pack, Hope Lodge, Utah Cancer Specialists, and Ronald McDonald House.  If you would be interested in donating a Quilty Hug you can send them to 1332 Deerfield Dr.  Centerville, Utah 84014. Your time and talents are greatly appreciated and will bring comfort and love.

I got my first sewing machine when I was ten. My mother patiently taught me how to sew. In high school I thought I would be a fashion designer, but life had other plans. I was blessed with three sons, who found my cute sailor suits and knickers less than desirable, so I started quilting. I find the play with color and design challenging. I love to take an old design and make it new again. I love meeting, teaching and learning from other quilters. I have a wide range of patterns, classes and tutorials available.

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